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Yorkton, SK

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Cheer Tumbling Class (not open to the public)

As part of our cheerleading program, we offer supplemental tumbling classes to enhance athletes’ tumbling skills. Flexibility and conditioning are also areas of focus in these classes, which enable our athletes to better execute their skills, giving them a competitive edge in their routines.

Our Level 1 Tumbling Class will work on mastering handstands, bridges, dive rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, and front and back walk-overs.

Our Level 2 Tumbling Class works on front and back handspring drills for both standing and running tumbling.

Our Level 3 Tumbling Class will work on proper execution of front and back handsprings, front and back tucks, and other advanced level skills. Timing, synchronization, and endurance are three areas of focus for these athletes.

These classes are offered in conjunction with our cheerleading programs, and are not offered to the general public. If you are currently in the Cheerleading Program, your coach will let you know if you are required to enroll in these classes.