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Competitive Cheerleading for Ages 14 and Under

Warman Cheer Classic 2016

Warman Cheer Classic 2016

After developing the basic skills in the recreational cheerleading program, athletes are selected by the coaching staff and invited to train in a more structured, skill-focused program. As the sport of cheerleading grows, so do our requirements for competitive athletes. At this time, athletes should be close to independently executing a back walk-over prior to entering the Competitive Cheerleading program.  Athletes also need to be able to have an independent handstand and perfected cartwheel.

Competitive Cheerleading is run once per week for any athletes who are also training in the competitive gymnastics program, and twice per week for those who are not. The full team practice focuses on stunting and routine building, and the second practice focuses on gymnastics skills and conditioning.

Competitive Cheerleading athletes will attend between 2-4 competitions throughout February and March. Attendance at these competitions is mandatory for all athletes, as the routine cannot be executed without all members.

Competitive Cheerleading athletes are also required to perform at the Springers Invitational Meet in April of each year, and one or two other performances.

Attire for Competitive Cheerleading is shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. Crop tops are not permitted at practice or performance (USASF Image Policy). Clean, indoor running shoes are required. Smiles and positive attitudes are also mandatory!

Uniforms may need to be purchased and will be at a cost additional to registration fees. Competition expenses will also be in addition to registration fees. Athletes are required to get to and from competitions with their families.

In the 2016-2017 Season, a Youth Team (Ages 11 and under) and a Junior Team (Ages 14 and under) will compete. Ages are as of August 31, 2015. For the 2016-2017 Season, athletes may be directly selected to join the Youth or Junior Team. Contact the Cheerleading Director, Jennifer Ingham, at if interested.

If you think your daughter may be a suitable candidate for our program, please inquire to Ms. Ingham in April and request a private tryout.

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*Payment is due the first day of class. Thank You!

**Costs listed do not include fundraising cost obligations or gym fees. Fundraising obligations and fees are explained in the registration form for each class.